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03/12/2018   Swans Class Trip to Baytree to see Santa

Swans Class have began our Christmas celebrations with a visit to Baytree’s Winter Wonderland. The highlight of the trip was definitely meeting Santa, we all asked him for a favourite toy and wished him a Merry Christmas. What a fantastic day to get us in the festive mood!

  Santa  Santa



26/11/2018   Indian Experience Day

This term, some of the classes have been learning about the festival of Diwali. On Monday we had a special visit from Sunita Patel. She shared the story of Diwali with some of the pupils. They had great fun helping her with the actions! After that, we all had the opportunity to dress up in Indian clothing and to explore the different materials. Sunita also taught us some Bollywood dancing moves and we had lots of fun trying them out. It was a fantastic day!

Indian  Indian

Indian  Indian

Indian   Indian

23/11/2018   Seals Class enjoying Musical Instruments

“This week the children in Seals have been looking at musical instruments that have been kindly given to the school from Janice our Home School Liaison Officer, the children have really enjoyed looking at them and playing them. 

The children all wrote thank you letters to Janice as well.

Seals  Seals

Seals  Seals

Seals  Seals

23/11/2018   Dolphins Class Celebrate Thanksgiving in style

Dolphins Class celebrate Thanksgiving in style

Pupils from Dolphins Class put their culinary skills to the test as they celebrated Thanksgiving with their peers.

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States as a way of giving thanks for the blessing of harvest. In the United States it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November which fell on the 22nd this year.

The morning started with the Dolphins’ café. The oldest students in the school made an array of Thanksgiving treats including ‘turkey drumsticks’ (skilfully made out of rice krispies), sweet potato pie and a cranberry salad.

Each class were invited to spend some time with their older peers as the post-16 students split into roles to take the orders, make drinks and serve the food. Such a task is aligned with the John Fielding mission of developing the skills of their young people so they are prepared for life beyond school.

Café takes place every week and is clearly enjoyed by every pupil as a whole school event, developing teamwork and social skills.

Yet that isn’t the end of the cooking exploits for the John Fielding pupils on a Friday. After voting on what they would like to eat and doing a food shop earlier in the week, the post-16 pupils also cook dinner for the day. Continuing the Thanksgiving theme, chicken was on the menu for this particular week with peach cobbler for dessert.

Pupils again took on different roles with specific targets as some peeled the vegetables and others prepared the meat whilst following instructions. It is clear to see just how much every youngster enjoys their specific role as a part of the team.

And the meal really did taste as good as it looks!

Lucy Allen, Acting Class Lead , explained: “The children are working towards their OCR Life Skills qualification in an holistic way that embeds life skills for when they leave school. They really enjoy cooking and do a fantastic job of working together.”

Please click on the link below to view our video.


Cafe  Cafe

Cafe  Cafe



22/11/2018   Penguins weekly trip to Trinity Church Coffee Morning

Penguins class have enjoyed their weekly visit to Holy Trinity Church coffee morning. Pupils are working hard on choice making, matching and asking for more using Makaton sign.

Coffee Morning

16/11/2018   Children In Need Day

On Friday we had lots of fun raising money for Children in Need. We enjoyed all of the activities. The discos were a great success and it was lovely to see everyone having fun and dancing together. The cake stall was very popular too! A huge thank you to everyone for supporting us and for helping to make the day such a success, we managed to raise a total of £161.34.

Children In Need  Children In Need

Children In Need  Children In Need

Children In Need  Children in Need

Children In Need 

08/11/2018   Festival of Remembrance

This week in Seals Class we have been looking at Remembrance and how it is important to remember the brave people who fought in the wars.  We visited Boston Stump to look at the Festival of Remembrance, the children really engaged with the various beautiful displays all around the Church.  Then later in the week we turned our bike container into an air raid shelter for our history lesson and the children pretended that they were evacuees, in the air raid shelter the children could take part in many different activities that had been set up for them, they could make poppy wreaths, bravery medals and aeroplanes, we even had artifacts from the both World Wars brought into school for them to look at and explore.  

On Friday Seals class are taking part in Boston Schools Remebrance Parade at the Boston War Memorial, this has been organised by the Boston Branch of the Royal British Legion. 

Boston Stump  Boston Stump 

Boston Stump  Boston Stump

Boston Stump  Poppy

Memorial  Remembrance

Rememberance  Rememberance



06/11/2018   Flamingos Class Trip to Boston Stump

Flamingos Class had a trip to Boston Stump today and were able to have a go at ringing the Church Bells!.

Boston Stump  Boston Stump  

Boston Stump   Boston Stump

18/10/2018   Penguins Class Trip to Rand Farm Park

Penguins class had a lovely day at Rand Farm Park. We saw cows, pigs, donkeys, roosters, lambs, horses, and even saw a baby chick hatch in the incubator. 

We all loved our ride in the tractors trailer, we went into the field and it was really bumpy, it made us all smile and laugh. We saw some alpaca’s and some goats on our tractor ride before going back to the farm for our lunch. 

Rand Farm Park  Rand Farm Park

Rand Farm Park  Rand Farm Park

Rand Farm Park  Rand Farm Park

18/10/2018   How John Fieling Pupils Integrate with the Boston Community

How John Fielding pupils integrate with the Boston community

John Fielding Special School caters for young people between the ages of 2 and 19 Years old who have severe learning difficulties. Some pupils also have an autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy, a physical disability, sensory impairment, medical needs and/or a communication difficulty.

Their Mission Statement reads: We are a caring and respectful family, committed to maximising the learning and development of our students, supporting them to become happy and fully-included members of their community.

Although John Fielding pupils integrate with the community on a daily basis, Wednesday is their designated day of the week for an action-packed schedule of engaging opportunities

The morning begins with the oldest pupils in the school, Dolphins Class, splitting off into two groups – the younger set from the class (14 – 16 Years old) go swimming at the Royal Princess Sports Centre, whilst the second group (16 – 18 Years old) travel to Boston College for cooking workshops.

Several children within Penguins class (11 – 14 Years old) also join their peers in the pool. Supported by five members of staff, there is an abundance of smiles on everyone’s faces, making the logistical challenges of travel well worth the journey.

Integrating with the school ethos, the session takes place alongside a general swim for the public, supporting community engagement for the young people. Clearly a highlight for the pupils (and staff), they float around on woggles and bounce up and down in the water. Challenges are set, supported and praised as pupils develop their confidence and enthusiasm in the water. There is overwhelming excitement as a young boy called Ryan begins to demonstrate breaststroke without any guidance.

Over at Boston College, pupils from John Fielding join their peers from The Garth School, part of The Spalding Special Schools Federation. The workshop begins with a theoretical session, looking at ingredients and understanding the recipe behind their latest task.  They then head to the kitchen where the pupils set about creating their product for the week – on this particular day it was lemon yoghurt muffins.

Attendees from both schools work together to follow the instructions on their recipes. Again, smiles are spread across the faces of every pupil and member of staff.

A young baker, Michael, explains: “cooking is my favourite part about school. But tasting our food is even better!” The passion is reciprocated across the group who explain all of the different foods they have made during these sessions, developing confidence for when they move away from home.

The afternoon is also just as busy for John Fielding pupils. Some of the younger children from Seals class travel over to the impressive Boston Tennis Club, not only to develop their physical literacy but also to hone their teamwork skills through a variety of skills-based exercises in pairs and small groups.

Meanwhile, the majority of pupils who go swimming head over to Asda. The start of each week sees Dolphins class voting on what they would like to make and cook for a meal on Friday. Half the class then plan how they are going to cook their main meal and dessert before writing down a list of ingredients.

The rest of the class then go to Asda to work as a team to ensure they select and buy all of the relevant products. Continuing the aim of developing life skills, pupils then take it in turns to scan and pack their selections at the self-service checkout after negotiating their way around the busy aisles. Tacos and flapjacks are on the menu for this particular week!

The whole day underpins the dedicated work of the John Fielding staff on a regular basis with the ethos to: “encourage our pupils to take an active part in the life of the school and to become happy, caring young people capable of contributing to society in a positive way.”

Follow the journey of John Fielding pupils at and via their social media pages @JohnFieldingSch (Twitter) and The John Fielding Special School (Facebook).

  Community  Community

Community    Community

Community    Community


15/10/2018   Ducks Class trip to Tattershall Farm Park

This term Ducks class has been looking at the topic ‘Houses and Homes.’ We thought this would be a great opportunity to have a class trip to Tattershall Farm park to explore animal homes! The class had the chance to investigate where a number of farm animals may live. The children got to look, stroke and even feed some of the animals! We all had a fantastic time and are looking forward to our next class trip.

Tattershall Farm Park     Tattershall farm Park

Tattershall Farm Park     Tattershall Farm Park

20/09/2018   New Mini Bus Arrival

Rory Underwood presents new mini bus to John Fielding School

Rory Underwood, former England Rugby Union Player, visited John Fielding Special School in Boston this week, to hand over keys to a brand new mini bus.

The Lord’s Taverners Minibus programme has been operating for over forty years and since the programme began in 1976 over 1,200 minibuses have been donated to special educational schools and organisations throughout the UK.

The iconic green minibuses enable schools to engage pupils in sporting and recreational activities and help them develop life skills such as visiting shops and interacting with people in the local community. 

John Fielding Special School have fundraised ourselves to afford the £17,000 self-help contribution towards the new bus.

Richard Gamman, Head of School, “It has been a pleasure to welcome Rory Underwood, and representatives from Lord and Lady Taverners here today to officially present our new Mini Bus.

It is our mission at John Fielding School to prepare our young people to make a contribution to their community but to do that we need to be out there – at the local shops, the swimming pool, the college, the Church, in the town centre and further afield.  It is a mini bus that enables us to achieve that and now having this new bus from Lord’s Taverners we can support our student’s ability to be part of, to be visible in, cope with and enjoy their local community.” 

Rory Underwood, added, “It’s been great to visit the school today and meet the pupils and staff. It’s such a pleasure to hand over a Lord’s Taverners mini bus to another great cause.”

Mini Bus  

Mini Bus


Mini Bus

18/09/2018   Launch of new Facebook Page for CIT

We have just launched a brand new Facebook page for C.I.T Academies. 

With the vast majority of parents holding a social media profile, Facebook provides one of the easiest ways to share news, events and messages from all of our schools across the Trust, whilst developing stronger community links.

You can find the page by searching @citacademies1 on Facebook or going to


11/07/2018   Little Ducks Trip to Skegness

Little Ducks had a fun day out at Skegness on Wednesday.

Skegness Trip    Skegness Trip  Skegness Trip

                       Skegness Trip

29/06/2018   School Disco

We had a great time with Caterpillar Club disco who came into school and provided us with a great farewell party for Mickael who is leaving us to move to Portugal.  Good luck Mickael, we will all miss you lots.

School Disco     School Disco    School Disco

School Disco    School Disco  School Disco

School Disco  School Disco 

12/06/2018   Sports Day

We had a fantastic Sports Day, thank you to all the friends and families who came to join us this afternoon.

Sports Day Sports Day

 Sports Day  Sports Day

Sports Day  Sports Day

 Sports Day Sports Day

Sports Day  Sports Day


11/06/2018   Outing to Sam Newson Music Centre

Staff and Pupils were invited along to Sam Newson Music Centre today to watch a production by Boston College students' of Disney Greats. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks for inviting us, we really enjoyed the show.

Disney Production

Disney Production

Disney Production

03/05/2018   Wow Room Opening

WOW Room for John Fielding School

As you will know, we have been fundraising like crazy for the past 12 months to raise money to refurbish our old and worn down Sensory Room. The room was devised 9 years ago, and with the equipment being used on a daily basis, it became in a poor state of repair.  Many items had to be removed completely and the room could eventually only be used as a calming space for pupils. The space required complete refurbishment and the purchase of new bespoke sensory equipment.

The project was led by staff member, Lucy Allen, who with help from other staff, helped to organise a summer fair last year that kicked off their fundraising efforts with a very respectable £5,000! Further donations then came in from local resident, Mrs Dugdale, along with local businesses: Freshtime UK Limited, The Medlock Charitable Trust, Coveris UK, Boston Netball Club, Lord Taverners, The Waynflete Charitable Trust, Headway Lincolnshire, Boston Freemasons, and Boston Lions Club; John Fielding School eventually raised over £30,000 for their project!

The sensory room installation is now complete and has a new name - ‘The Wow Room’. The interactive room now provides a space for the pupils to engage and explore the environment, giving them positive effects on their ability to react and interact with the larger world around them.  Sensory Learning is an instrumental part of the learning process for special needs pupils, providing another way to learn skills through sensory interaction.

Richard Gamman, Head of School, “It has been fabulous to watch this project come to fruition over the past few months. I am so grateful to all of the sponsors who have supported the project. We are delighted that so many were able to join is today and see for themselves the impact of the resources they helped to provide, will have on the learning and enjoyment of our pupils throughout the school.”

An official opening was held on Thursday 3rd May. The Mayor of Boston, Cllr Bernard Rush, cut the ribbon, officially opening ‘The Wow Room’.

Steve Evans, Managing Director of Freshtime UK said, “The Freshtime Futures Trust was set up 18 months ago to help support children and teenagers up to the age of 24 in and around the Boston area. The aim of the Trust is to support young adults, whether it be in education, sporting grants or apprenticeships.”

“When we received the application for the ‘Wow Room’ at John Fielding it was a perfect fit with what the Trust is trying to achieve. We were pleased to be able to offer a reasonable donation in order to help such a large group of children.”

Yvonne Wood, representing Lord’s Taverners, who also supported the project, said, “It has been a pleasure to be here today, a year on from my first visit in support of their application. To see all the youngsters thoroughly enjoying their experiences in ‘The Wow Room’ has been lovely.”

Pictured in main Photograph:

Mayor of Boston, Cllr Bernard Rush

John Stokes, Head of Procurement at Freshtime UK

Steve Evans, Managing Director of Freshtime UK

Yvonne Wood, Lord’s Taverners

Dr Richard Gamman, Head of John Fielding School

Lucy Allen from John Fielding School

Louie Wong & Fred Clarke from Boston Freemasons

Demi-Lee Garwell & Becky Young from Coveris

Loraine Stevens from Boston Bowls Club

Local resident, Mrs Dugdale

Chris Jones, Site Manager of John Fielding School

Demi Weir, Apprentice at John Fielding School

 Sensory Room Opening   Sensory Room Opening  Sensory Room Opening


17/04/2018   Eureka moment for John Fielding pupils!

Eureka moment for John Fielding pupils!

John Fielding School have won a £500 award from The Institute of Physics to hire a Jumbulance coach so that they could transport their pupils to the Eureka Science Museum in Halifax.

This fantastic news meant that children with disabilities could enjoy a long awaited, fun filled day out with their class mates!

Due to the rurality of Lincolnshire and pupils’ disabilities we can be restricted in providing field trips any further afield than Boston. In the upcoming term, two classes will be focusing their studies on a 'Space and Science Project'. To fully engage the pupils and provide them with an inclusive and interactive science experience, teachers felt strongly about taking the children to Eureka, The National Children's Museum in Halifax.

Thanks to The Institute of Physics, this longed for trip could finally take place.

John Fielding School were awarded £500 from The Institute of Physics to hire a Jumbulance coach to transport their pupils to the Science Museum! The Jumbulance is a high spec coach which possess large changing facilities, a kitchen and wheelchair access to meet the needs of the pupils on their two and a half hour journey to the museum.

The excitement from the pupils hit fever pitch on Tuesday morning at 7.30am when the special coach arrived. The children had a fantastic day out and fun, trouble free journey too.

Richard Gamman, Head of School, “We were so grateful to have this support from the Institute of Physics. It has enabled the children to travel to the fabulous Eureka Museum near Halifax.  It simply would not have been viable to take our group of children with complex health and care needs so far without the Jumbulance.  At the museum itself the exhibits and activities engaged the children throughout the visit. The trip was a great success.”

Eureka Trip        

Eureka   Eureka


16/03/2018   World Book Day Celebrations

Staff and pupils had lots of fun dressing up today for World Book Day. Everyone had fun taking part in difference activities and listening to a range of stories led by different Teachers. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes and it was all finished off with a Mad Hatters Tea Party in the afternoon!

World Book Day 


14/03/2018   Double Success at the Apprenticeship Awards 2018

Congratulations to Demi Weir and Richard Gamman from John Fielding School in Boston! They both won awards at a fantastic evening celebrating successes of Apprentices and Employers at the Apprenticeship Awards 2018.

The event was held at Boston College and Demi won for 'Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools' and Richard won a special award for his 'Individual Contribution to Apprenticeships', from his work at both The Garth School and John Fielding School. 

Richard Gamman, Head of John Fielding School, said, "I was delighted to be invited along to the Boston College Apprenticeships Award Ceremony on Thursday 8th March because one of our Year 2 Apprentices, Demi Weir, had been nominated as Apprentice of the Year.  I was absolutely thrilled when it was then announced that Demi had beaten off 14 other Apprentices from other disciplines, ranging from Building to Baking, to win the overall award of Apprentice of the Year!" 
"Later in the evening, I was pleased to have the chance to collect an award on behalf of C.I.T. for ‘Continued Support of Local Apprentices’.  This gave me the chance to explain how much the organisation benefits from the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of Apprentices like Demi.  I was able to tell the audience about how Demi comes into work with an unfailingly positive mindset, has astonishing rapport with our students and a natural gift for this line of work."
"The evening ended with a surprise when I was given the final award for ‘Individual Contribution to Apprenticeships’.  This was in recognition of work at The Garth School and John Fielding School, which both have had vibrant Apprenticeship programmes and a real commitment to developing our Apprentices to be the TAs, Teachers and School Leaders of the future."

 To see the full story please click on the link below:-


26/02/2018   Latest SEND Consultation Event

If you wish to hear more about the plans please come along to a consultation event next Monday 26th February 2018 at The Supreme Inn, Bicker Bar, Bicker, Boston PE20 3AN at 6pm. School Staff, other parents and carers and Local Authority staff will be there. If yu havn't done so already please complete the consultation at:

Click on the link COMPLETE SEND CONSULTATION We need as many parents as possible to say, 'yes please' to persuade councillors that this plan has public backing.


02/02/2018   'Go Orange Day'

Staff and pupils dressed up as Umpa Lumpar's or wore something orange to raise money for 'Go Orange Day' in support of Muscular Dystrophy UK . Lots of different activities were taking place throughout the school and everyone had a great time. We managed to raise £65.50.

Go Orange Day

Go Orange Day




17/01/2018   Tesco Bags for Help Initiative

We need your votes please!

John Fielding School is bidding to bag a cash boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative. 

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of up to £4,000, up to £2,000 and £1,000 raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores awarded to local community projects.

Three groups in every Tesco region have been shortlisted to receive the cash award and shoppers are being invited to head along to Tesco stores to vote for who they think should take away the top grant.

John Fielding School is one of the groups on the shortlist. Our project:

‘Boosting pupil wellbeing through outdoor learning’

At John Fielding Special School we strive to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of all of their pupils. Our pupils range in age from 2 -19 Years old and all have severe learning difficulties, some also have an autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy, a physical disability, sensory impairment, medical needs and/or a communication difficulty.

We work hard to develop the skills of our young people so that they are prepared for life beyond school. And this is where the "Boosting pupil's wellbeing" idea came from.

The best way to get the most out of the classroom is to leave it and take learning outside. Outdoor learning can make for happier, healthier, well-rounded students, particularly for those with special educational needs.

John Fielding School has an area on school grounds that has been utilised as best it can as a horticulture area for pupils. This gives the children time to play and explore in the soil, incorporating play and gross motor skills. It also reduces muscle tension and builds endurance and hand dexterity. They have also found it helps lessen negative feelings, anxieties, aggressive tendencies, and helps to reduce tactile defensiveness.

The dream is to expand on the current, basic horticultural area in order to create a fully inclusive and working outdoor environment. They would like to install a wheelchair friendly pathway accessing each work station, 3 composting beds, 5 raised planting beds, an outdoor workspace, and the planting of sensory flowers throughout the area. 

Richard Gamman, Head of School, said:

“We are very lucky to have an area on the school site that we can use for outdoor learning. We have created the current facilities as best we can, but now need a funding injection to make the area fully inclusive so that our wheelchairs can access the work stations and planting beds. If you are shopping in Tesco please support John Fielding School with your tokens, thank you so much”.

Voting is open in all Tesco stores throughout January and February. Customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop.

Tesco’s Bags of Help project has already delivered over £40 million to 9,700 projects up and down the UK. Tesco customers get the chance to vote for three different groups every time they shop. Every other month, when votes are collected, three groups in each of Tesco’s regions will be awarded funding.

Alec Brown, Head of Community at Tesco, said:

 “We are absolutely delighted to open the voting for January and February. There are some fantastic projects on the shortlists and we can’t wait to see these come to life in hundreds of communities.”

Groundwork’s National Chief Executive, Graham Duxbury, said:

 “We’ve been thrilled to see the diversity of projects that have applied for funding, ranging from outdoor classrooms, sports facilities, community gardens, play areas and everything in between.

“We’re looking forward to learning the results of the customer vote and then supporting each group to bring their project to life.”


08/01/2018   Consultation on Building Communities of Specialist Provision

Building Communities of Specialist Provision for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Lincolnshire. Consultation begins on 8th January and runs until 14th March 2018. You can find out more details by going to

Please click here to read the consultation letter from Lincolnshire County Council

Please click here to read the SEND Strategy Summary


23/11/2017   Donation from Headway Lincolnshire

Lots of thanks go to Headway Lincolsnhire who donated £435.19 towards the Sensory Room Project. Daran Bland received the money from Paul and his son Jay! Jay and his family receive Portage and come into school to use some of our resources, including the current Sensory Room. It will be great to see him using the new one!

03/11/2017   Visit from Boston Mayor

The Mayor came to visit our school on Friday 3rd November. He had a tour around the school and then attended our Assembly where he handed out some certificates to our children to recognise their good work. Here are some photos.