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WOW Room for John Fielding School

As you will know, we have been fundraising like crazy for the past 12 months to raise money to refurbish our old and worn down Sensory Room. The room was devised 9 years ago, and with the equipment being used on a daily basis, it became in a poor state of repair.  Many items had to be removed completely and the room could eventually only be used as a calming space for pupils. The space required complete refurbishment and the purchase of new bespoke sensory equipment.

The project was led by staff member, Lucy Allen, who with help from other staff, helped to organise a summer fair last year that kicked off their fundraising efforts with a very respectable £5,000! Further donations then came in from local resident, Mrs Dugdale, along with local businesses: Freshtime UK Limited, The Medlock Charitable Trust, Coveris UK, Boston Netball Club, Lord Taverners, The Waynflete Charitable Trust, Headway Lincolnshire, Boston Freemasons, and Boston Lions Club; John Fielding School eventually raised over £30,000 for their project!

The sensory room installation is now complete and has a new name - ‘The Wow Room’. The interactive room now provides a space for the pupils to engage and explore the environment, giving them positive effects on their ability to react and interact with the larger world around them.  Sensory Learning is an instrumental part of the learning process for special needs pupils, providing another way to learn skills through sensory interaction.

Richard Gamman, Head of School, “It has been fabulous to watch this project come to fruition over the past few months. I am so grateful to all of the sponsors who have supported the project. We are delighted that so many were able to join us today. They were able to see first hand what the impact of the resources they helped to provide is having on the learning and enjoyment of pupils throughout the school.”

An official opening was held on Thursday 3rd May. The Mayor of Boston, Cllr Brian Rush, cut the ribbon, officially opening ‘The Wow Room’.

Steve Evans, Managing Director of Freshtime UK said, “The Freshtime Futures Trust was set up 18 months ago to help support children and teenagers up to the age of 24 in and around the Boston area. The aim of the Trust is to support young adults, whether it be in education, sporting grants or apprenticeships.”

“When we received the application for the ‘Wow Room’ at John Fielding it was a perfect fit with what the Trust is trying to achieve. We were pleased to be able to offer a reasonable donation in order to help such a large group of children.”

Yvonne Wood, representing Lord’s Taverners, who also supported the project, said, “It has been a pleasure to be here today, a year on from my first visit in support of their application. To see all the youngsters thoroughly enjoying their experiences in ‘The Wow Room’ has been lovely.”

Pictured in main Photograph:

Mayor of Boston, Cllr Brian Rush                                            Wow Room Opening

John Stokes, Head of Procurement at Freshtime UK

Steve Evans, Managing Director of Freshtime UK              

Yvonne Wood, Lord’s Taverners

Dr Richard Gamman, Head of John Fielding School                                             

Lucy Allen from John Fielding School

Louie Wong & Fred Clarke from Boston Freemasons

Demi-Lee Garwell & Becky Young from Coveris

Loraine Stevens from Boston Bowls Club

Local resident, Mrs Dugdale

Chris Jones, Site Manager of John Fielding School

Demi Weir, Apprentice at John Fielding School

Wow Room Opening    Wow Room Opening


   Welcome to our very special school

 Although we are a small school, we have big ideas!

At The John Fielding Special School we provide a curriculum that is Caring, Aspirational, Relevant and Engaging. We want everyone here to be happy and eager to come to school. We want everyone to do their best and get the most out of their time here. We want to develop the skills of our young people so that they are prepared for life beyond school. Starting school for the first time, or starting again at a new school, can be a very daunting experience for pupils and parents, but we will do everything we can to make it as easy as possible.

To provide this we have an experienced and dedicated staff team who are constantly searching for new ways of helping our pupils. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere that prevails and on our strong links with families and the local community. The pupils are enthusiastic learners who take advantage of all the opportunities provided.

John Fielding Special School aims to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of all of our pupils. Our pupils can range in age from 2 -19 Years old and all have severe learning difficulties, some also have an autistic spectrum disorder, epilepsy, a physical disability, sensory impairment, medical needs and/or a communication difficulty.

We ensure all pupils are given the opportunities they deserve to participate in a full and varied curriculum, promoting their spiritual, cultural, moral, educational and physical development to the full. The school works closely with parents, governors, other professionals, the Local Authority and the local community to promote high standards.

The John Fielding Special School values itself on providing a secure, stimulating and happy environment with an emphasis on developing communication skills. We help our pupils to be sensitive to the needs of others, to develop a sense of worth and high self-esteem. Our ethos is to encourage our pupils to take an active part in the life of the school and to become happy, caring young people capable of contributing to society in a positive way.

We achieve our aims by: working in partnership with parents and other professionals; offering a quality curriculum designed both to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and the needs of our pupils; placing a high emphasis on staff development and working closely with local schools, colleges and the wider community.

Daran Bland - Executive Head Teacher

Richard Gamman - Head of School


Aims and values:

To value our members for their individuality and uniqueness.

To maintain high but realistic standards.

To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all.

To provide a caring and supportive environment.

To provide equality of opportunity for all.

To work in partnership with families and the wider community.

To send our young people out into the world equipped with the skills they need to make the most of their lives.